Assess with Authenticity

We help you assess with authenticity to bring the best companies and people together.

Better hire, develop and transform your talent with the Capptivate Platform.

The Capptivate Experience

Our proprietary strengths assessments level the playing field to find hidden and diverse talent from anywhere and everywhere – as proven over 15 years.

Assessment that looks and feels like you – leveraging your brand.

Engaging candidate experiences – inclusive and bias-free.

Data, insights and reports that deliver actionable results – for candidates and companies.

Measure What Matters

The Capptivate Success Analysis helps you establish what matters most for you.

We define your optimal assessment blend with any combination of strengths, skills, preferences, cognitive ability, personality, values or experience.

The Capptivate platform delivers pre-validated assessments with 100m+ data points, customized to you for best results.

How we Assess With Authenticity


Success Analysis to define what matters to you


Assessment customization in Capptivate


Engaging assessment experience for candidates


Data insights, reports and recommendations

The Benefits of Assessing with Authenticity

Candidate Experience

of candidates found their assessment experience engaging and informative

Time Compression

We were able to shorten our application process from 5 hours to
90 minutes

Time to Competency

of assessors felt the new recruits were a much better fit and more aligned to the company culture

Assessor Feedback

As a result of changes in the process, we saw a
reduction in year one attrition

No Adverse Impact

In our end of campaign analysis we saw
no adverse impact
in any of the assessments used

Return on Investment

As a result of the new process, we were able to see a
reduction in cost per hire

Better Placed to Help You Succeed

Talent Partners

Our specialist talent experts will help you with your assessment, hiring, development and transformation needs. Combining I/O psychologists, human resources professionals and talent development experts to deliver what you need.

Technology & Integrations Expertise

Dedicated software engineers focused on ensuring uptime, reliability, security and stability across all our technology systems. Our integration engineers work with you to get things up and running as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Data Science & AI

Our data science and AI teams learn from the Success Graph as much as they contribute to building it, using algorithmic scoring to deliver bias-free results and delivering AI optimization to keep things getting better over time – they are the heart of your data insights and predictive analytics.

24/7 Candidate Support

Supporting candidates globally from our offices in the US, UK and Australia, we cover the globe with 24/7 candidate support from our global helpdesk.

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