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assessing verbal aptitude

Raising the bar

The next generation in verbal assessment

With a focus on dynamic assessment techniques that allow our tests to self-generate questions in line with a person's ability, we're setting new standards at every turn.

Our verbal tests focus on assessing an individual's verbal aptitude in line with how we live our lives in today's world. You won't find anyone sending a fax in any of our scenarios, but you can expect a text assessment of a tweet or some blog content.

Meeting the assessment needs of today

Put simply, some roles may require faster working with less emphasis on verbal accuracy, whereas others may require perfect verbal accuracy within slower timeframes.

Along with a selection of other innovations, this recognition has meant we have devised a new standard of Verbal Assessment that records time-taken - as opposed to limiting it!

This simple innovation has delivered huge advances in practice. Our state of the science scoring algorithm, which accounts for the speed, accuracy and difficulty of each question, enables greater candidate differentiation than ever before. 

For candidates, a more relaxed and realistic test-taker experience is reported - without the anxiety of time-recorded conditions.

TRY it for yourself

Click here to see and experience our reasoning Tests.


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