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The Jobmatching place

A pool of pre-assessed Jobseekers from which to draw your perfect match

Employers able to directly connect with pre-assessed job seekers on one platform; one simple and intuitive environment – welcome to Jobmi.

Jobmi is the destination for both job seekers and employers, allowing job seekers to find out more about themselves, their strengths and how best to present themselves to employers - whilst acting as a pathway for employers to invite applications from pre-assessed potential hires.

Transparent & un-biased

  • All Jobmi members are assessed against the same criteria
  • All members are pre-assessed and share a common profile format
  • Social mobility is its core – one level playing field
  • Diversity is accounted for by default

Positive outlooks

Jobmi helps people find the right opportunity by offering free assessments and feedback.

Jobmi builds and develops a person’s employability, helping them to get their best job.

Jobmi matches pre-screened, pre-qualified candidates against your organisations specific success criteria.

Perhaps recruitment should always have been this straightforward?


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