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Strengths-based Attraction

Targetting individuals who share your organisational strengths profile

Open up to a wider talent pool

Strengths based adverts and other such communications collateral are key to expanding the talent pool from which you can invite job applications - which in turn means you can welcome a more diverse and more widely socially dispersed talent pool into your selection process of people who are a better fit for your business.

Promoting your Employer Brand and Driving Brand Consistency from the outset of your recruitment process by using strengths based attraction and adverts, you could realise such benefits as:

Brand and competitor differentiation – 67% of candidates had a more positive view of the brand through a strengths-based process.

Candidates attracted are the best matched people that are suited to the role – 33% increase in positive candidate perceptions.

Realistic job previews for potential applicants – helping them make an informed decision about where to apply, reducing applications from people who do not fit.

More targeted applications from people who are more likely to succeed in the role – reducing the administrative load on your recruitment process.


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