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What are Apprentice Development Solutions?

We help our clients to retain, engage, and develop the potential of apprentices- both those who come straight from school and those who have had previous careers- at every step of their apprentice journey. With every career ‘first’ comes the opportunity for new learning, and business results.

Collaborating with Capp as your Development partner gives you access to 10 years of research, practice, and experience of strengths development with early talent, managers and leaders. Our position in the market as the leading UK- based provider of strengths assessments and development comes through our awards, e.g., winner of AGR Business- Led Innovation in Development with Lloyds Banking Group and contribution to the House of Lords Special Report on Social Mobility.

Why develop Strengths?

To develop the talent your business needs for future success.

Today’s freshest talent will soon be at the heart of every team across your organisation. It won’t be long before they will be motivating their own teams, thinking strategically about products and services, and developing as leaders. Do you know which strengths will predict whether your talent succeed in doing this?

Through our extensive analysis of 70 apprentice frameworks, including 3063 data points, we have identified the specific strengths that are critical for future success.

Targeting your soft skills development programme on these strengths will ensure you build the workforce your business needs for the future.

To strengthen your employee value proposition

In an increasingly competitive apprentice talent market, employees who recruit for strengths and integrate strengths development within their learning programmes will stand out as especially attractive to apprentices, where 90% say that developing their strengths is important to them. Our strengths based approach can become one of your greatest USP’s.

To enable greater social mobility

At the same time, according to Capp research, nearly a quarter of apprentices don’t yet know what their strengths are. By supporting an increase in self- awareness and enabling ownership and opportunity you will encourage all apprentices- whatever their background- to have the same access to development.

By assessing strengths development throughout the programme (we can provide you with talent reports along the way) you will be able to take a data- led approach to identifying talent- helping you to remove barriers relating to group biases, background, or geographic location.

How can apprentices develop their strengths?

In the same way that they can develop their muscles, their confidence as drivers, or their strength of political opinions. That is, through opportunity, practice, and ongoing stretch.

Capp’s platform for self- led strengths development My Strengths Coach allows apprentices to assess their strengths, coach themselves to develop each of them in turn, engage with peers, and track their progress. Just like exercising their muscles, when apprentices exercise their strengths they will increase in confidence, resilience, skill and the likelihood that they will smash their goals and show you what they can do!

Our STARS model of strengths development, takes them through a simple process.

Seek - Inspiration from the latest videos, podcasts, fresh Capp content, and strengths shots from other apprentices.

Think - Decide how they will apply a new behaviour, skill or mindset in their own situation. Set a goal.

Act - Do it!

Reflect - Consider how it went and what can be learnt. Seek feedback and endorsements from peers and colleagues.

Stretch - Apply learning to a more stretching challenge or task. Hear suggestions that will challenge you.


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